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 Stop feeling trapped
 Feel mentally positive
 Make progress in life
 Be more successful
 Reach your potential
 Lead a happier life
 Simple easy steps
 Achieve more freedom

What is is a new book currently being written by UK based entrepreneur and businessman Frank Paul (read more about Frank here). This book will not only empower you to escape this trapped mentality, but it will also serve as a guide which is broken down into simple stages on how you can lead a better quality of life in every way for both yourself and your family.

confuse with any other books you may have come across and dismissed as rubbish in the past, as I can assure you that this book is the real deal and it WILL change your life for the better. At the age of 27 Frank was broke and was actually trapped himself in a dead end job working all hours with little freedom, £10,000's of debt and not being able to provide for his wife or children. Now at the age of 35 he is a successful businessman who has the freedom to work when he wants, the freedom to go on holiday when he wants, owns a number of successful businesses, drives a Ferrari, lives in a 6 bedroom house with his wife and three children, and has zero debts.

Please don't think it was an easy ride or things happened overnight as they didn't - he didn't achieve the life he has today by using get rich quick schemes, scams or dodgy business practises instead he achieved this by ACTING ON OPPORTUNITIES which are still available to ANYONE is willing to put in some hard work and some time for themselves, with a view of achieving LONG TERM FREEDOM for both themselves and their families. These opportunities and 'seeing things differently' are covered in huge detail in, and you aren't just left dangling and wondering how you can progress further in life and achieve more freedom, you are actually taught and shown with real life examples and also from people who have escaped from feeling trapped and are actually living the lives they have chased for years.

Is for me?

To be blunt - is for EVERYONE including

 Stay at home parents
 Self employed
 Business owners
 School leavers
 Anyone that wants more

The meaning of not 'feeling trapped' differs from person to person - for example some people want just a bit of extra money each month to help them with bills or for family treats, other people want to be able to move abroad to do little work for just enough money to lead a simple life, many are small business owners who are feeling trapped in how to make progress and grow their business, whilst others just want the big money and the nice things that go with it.

Regardless of which of the above categories you fall into, the methods which are taught and explained in serves as a blue print for everyone, and are suitable for ANYONE in any country of the world, who is willing to put in some effort, regardless of age, gender or current position in life. Surely the one-off cost of a book which is less than the price of a few pints of Stella in London, a few packets of Marlboro in France or a few Starbucks lattes in New York, is worth it to improve your life?

Amongst other things, will teach you how to

 Overcome obstacles
 Gain a fresh outlook
 Learn new skills
 Spot opportunities
 Build rapport with people
 Stop thinking negatively
 Find customers for free
 Get paid to live abroad
 Make money online
 Avoid silly mistakes
 Make better use of time
 Think differently
 Make money from nothing
 Have more free time
 Save money
 Reinvest profits correctly
 Advertise for free
 Be more confident in life
 Create partnerships
 Stop making excuses

People want more from life - why don't they achieve it?

The main reason people don't achieve more in life is due to themselves! They adopt a 'can't do' or a 'because' mentality both consciously and subconsciously. Ask yourself how many times you have had a great idea or offer to do something which sounded awesome, BUT you held yourself back for no real reason at all or you make an excuse as to why you can't do it? doesn't just talk about this subject and why it happens, but is will teach YOU to overcome these feelings and how to control them. If you honestly think or won't allow yourself to think that you cannot overcome this 'can't do' or 'because' mentality then I suggest you get used to your life as it is, as you will always be trapped in that vicious circle forever. If not one of the twenty reasons above are enough to convince you that could help you achieve a better standard of life for you and your family, then you better get used to your current life as you are going to still be stuck there in 30 years time.

However If you have made it this far down the page then you are already clearly interested in not being trapped in life anymore. Your life SHOULDN'T have to feel as though it is a daily grind. Maybe you feel trapped in the mundane monotony of a 9-5 job, or maybe you just feel you want more from life in general but don't know what to do about it?

In the majority of cases the feeling of being trapped is just a state of mind, and people do not realise how easy it is to overcome that feeling, by making just a few simple and realistic changes to enable a better quality of life. isn't a ‘get rich quick' book, but it WILL make you think differently and it WILL enable you to stop being trapped in life. The simple easy steps explain real life experiences and examples helping you to improve your life in every way. If you want more from life and want to start living the life that you deserve, then I can assure you that is the best step towards this freedom - what have you got to lose? do you still want to be one of the 'can't do' people OR do you want to live a better life?

If you want to be amongst the first to know when the book is available, then please fill in the form on the right hand side of the screen, and we will email you once it is ready. It will be available direct from this website along with Amazon and all other good book shops.

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